Grow Your Brand!

What are the advantages of advertising at an Unlimited Edition event, versus at a traditional trade show or market?

  • Limited number of vendors/marketing partners will mean more focus and attention on your businesses brand and product;  Will be 1 of 10-15 with no directly competing/overlapping businesses, versus being one of 30 to 50+ businesses often competing against each other.
  • Marketed as an event/entertaining night out with multiple sources of entertainment and features to hold people’s attention and keep them engaged, versus the standard of rows and rows of similar booths/vendors that make it easy for patrons to walk by with minimal to no brand recognition/awareness of what they are passing by.
  • Will be a casual and fun evening  for people to enjoy there time, relax with cocktails and converse with friends and have fun. Versus  what can be crowded and cumbersome events with unwanted constant contact with other vendors and other patrons.
  • Because small businesses understand the difficulties of competing in the global marketplace we live in,we will work as a collective group to promote and market the event for the benefit of everyone involved. The limited number of vendors/partners will allow for more focused and detailed marketing of their brands and products.  Versus a large show where unless you pay for one of the top sponsorship spots, the direct marketing of individual vendors and brands can be limited.

Let's Work Together!

 We are currently in the planning stages of our next events. If you are interested in participating as a marketing partner please contact